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Shelled! is an artillery combat game in full 3D that allows up to 8 online players to blow each other to bits! Fire a variety of earth-moving explosive turtle shells including nukes, spreads, and more! With classic Scorched Earth inspired gameplay, GameTunnel is calling Shelled "a sure smash-hit!"

Publisher: GarageGames


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  • Classic Scorched Earth gameplay brought to 3D!
  • Online multiplayer with up to 8 players
  • Destructible terrain changes as it gets bombed
  • Use 9 weapons for clever strategies
  • Play in 20 arenas of cartoony fun
  • Includes a challenging single player campaign
  • Fly your turtle tank through land, sea, and air
  • Made with the rock-solid Torque Game Engine

Awards & Recognition

Editor's Choice VG Core Bronze

Top 10 Independent Games for December

8.8 out of 10 at VG Core

Shelled! on the Can't Miss List at CinemaBlend Games


"It's quite varied and offers a more frantic element of gameplay than the Scorched Earth formula. Many clones have managed to do a few different things, but Shelled is basically a completely different game. The entire control scheme for Shelled is easy to master and even easier to learn. Needless to say, Shelled is a classic in the making."
- VGCore

"Shelled is a game that can't be missed and shouldn't be overlooked."
- Cinemablend Games

"Easily the most fun 3D Scorched Earth game I've played. Lots of little things make this work. Shelled! will pick up accolades for smart design and great, fun gameplay, especially in online multiplayer. It's extraordinarily easy to play and the weapons take almost no time to learn. You can hop right in, thrash some shell, then hop out whenever you like."
- GameTunnel Panel

" graphics, easy controls, and free online play."
- Gamasutra

"Scorched Earth fans may have a new mother of all games. Shelled is a high-quality take on the classic genre that made action strategy games popular. The battlefields were well designed, with moving clouds and well textured terrain. The music that played during the bouts matched the colorful environments and jolly looking tanks. Overall the destructible terrain, the amazing graphics and the colorful visual schemes makes for a great presentation. Players can look forward to 20 battlefields, free battles on-line, and enough game options and death-matching fun to last for quite some time. Shelled is definitely shaping up to be a sure smash-hit."
- GameTunnel Preview

Player Reviews

"Wow! That is one of the funnest games I have ever played! It is so addictive, it's a real distraction from my two projects. Thank you so much for releasing this for free!"
- Tim Elliott

"This is a classic game, it's quite addictive, which is why I love indie games."
- Bryn Price

"Fun Fun Fun. Great stuff. My son did better and had to coach me a bit. We both enjoyed it!"
- "Badazz"

"I really enjoyed playing this. The mechanics work well, it's easy to control, and the presentation is consistent."
- Jason Ravencroft

"This is a very fun game!"

"Awesomely fun, the feeling when everybody is shooting shells is just wicked."

"I think you have a winner. =)"

"If you wanted to capture Scorched Earth, you succeeded, Shelled is way more fun."

"Great time-killer, intuitive, fun...woa."
- Beta Feedback

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